**Pre-Order** Origami Angel / Short Fictions ツアー延期に伴う損失補填

先般発表しました "(延期 Postponed) Origami Angel / Short Fictions Japan Tour 2020" につき、一部キャンセル料支払い等の損失が発生したため、その補填を目的に、Origami Angel / Short Fictions の両バンドと本ブッキング Nothing Feels Real の限定Tシャツを受注生産致します。いずれも今回のために用意したデザインで、今後も販売予定のない完全限定デザインとなります。2021年以降、両バンドが振替日程にて来日が決まっても、これらのTシャツが販売される予定はございません。


If you would like to place an order from abroad please email nothingfeelsrealtbh@gmail.com and let me know what you'd like along with your name and address then i will reply you back with your order details. Remember this is a pre-order and it will take me roughly a month once the pre-order is over to ship out!! Every order comes with a free A3 sized poster. **update: a part of proceeds go to Reclaim the Block. pre-order ends on sunday 7th june japan standard time.

こちら販売終了しました // The items below are no longer available since the pre-orders ended. 2020/06/08


Origami Angel / Somewhere City T-Shirt ¥3,800 

Short Fictions / All I Ever Think About Is Dying T-shirt ¥3,800

Nothing Feels Real / Bed T-Shirt ¥3,800

Origami Angel / Short Fictions 2020 Poster ¥250 
Nothing Feels Real / Nothing Stays The Same T-Shirt ¥2,500 Nothing Feels Real / Tote Bag ¥1,500

ご質問等ございましたら nothingfeelsrealtbh@gmail.com までお気軽にお寄せください。